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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Makes me want to scream!

Yesterday at the airport, I saw a couple with a little boy of about 2 years old. I did a triple take as I was so confused. However, not as confused as I think this little boy will be in about 10 years or so.

The woman was pushing the child in a stroller and the man was nearby. The boy had beautiful light brown skin; black hair and bright brown eyes. The woman clearly belongs to a religious group. She was wearing a long prairie style cotton dress and wore her hair up in a little white bonnet. She had very light skin as did the man.

I am so enraged for the young child. I do realize that I do not know the circumstances of these people. Maybe, they are just caring for him? I really don't know.

Here is my big "however". However, I can't help but surmise that they have adopted this little boy. And I can't help but feel for him and want to scream for what probably lies ahead for him. I think that for him there will be great confusion, massive oscillations of anger and oppressive periods of struggling to find his identity.

When I am not working at the airport, I work at an immersion school. One of my students is adopted from South America. He is the sweetest kid. I am not as enraged for him because at least he is learning Spanish and someday, if he chooses to find his mother, will be able to speak with her.

I have lived long enough to have learned that you really don't know about someone from appearances. I am guilty of ignoring that premise today and after having seen this little group of travelers, I simply want to scream.


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