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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Trigger at Work Yesterday

I was starting to work my first flight of the morning when a man of about 55 or 60 came to my counter. He wanted to verify that the inbound flight he was expecting was arriving soon at my gate.

I verified for him that the plane was scheduled to arrive to that gate but the flight had been delayed.

He explained that he was meeting his grandchild who was just 5 days old.

I said that the mother was certainly traveling quite soon after having delivered a baby.

He paused, not seeming to quite to understand me. And then said that his son and daughter in law were adopting.

They were scheduled to arrive at my gate.

I remained professional and suggested to the man that he watch for any gate changes.

My own flight schedule changed, so I went off to a different gate.

However, I couldn't forget about what was happening a few gates down. Should it really be legal to take a child from his or her mother at only 3 or 4 days of age?

My heart is breaking for a new mother three states away from her child.